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World Tourism Forum Lucerne 2015 - Programme

Find here the agenda for all the events around WTFL 2015. 




Talent Boost Shanghai 2014

The first World Tourism Forum Lucerne Talent Boost took place in Shanghai, China on 22 April 2014.

This one day media event was organised in cooperation with The Council of Development Promotion for Yangtze River Area, East China Normal University Business School, Kempinski & Resorts and Shanghai Shendi Cultural Development Research Institute.


World Tourism Forum Lucerne 2015

Save the date: The next World Tourism Forum Lucerne will take place on
23-24 April 2015 in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Amongst other topics, World Tourism Forum Lucerne 2015 will focus on global trends, talents, innovation (including an innovation award) and sustainability.

Think Tank 2014

On 2-3 March 2014 the second World Tourism Forum Lucerne Think Tank was held at the Hotel Palace in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Impressions, the press release as well as a detailed summery of the high level discussion of the 30 participants are available on the Think Tank page.